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Alternator is the battery charger for an automobile. Alternator repair, alternator rebuild, alternator testing and alternator problem solutions.

Alternator converts the mechanical energy into alternating current and AC voltage. Alternator voltage is developed as the alternator belt, which runs from the engine, drives the shaft of the alternator. In this process the electricity is produced from the machine’s mechanical energy. After alternating current (AC) is developed it is converted to direct current (DC) within the alternator. This conversion process is the result of AC voltage being sent to a rectifier diode. The rectifier diode is sometimes referred to as a bridge rectifier. The final alternator DC output is used to recharge the automobile battery or batteries, provide electricity to the automobile coil, sparkplugs, fuel pump, fuel injectors and other electrical systems. Today's alternator encloses an internal voltage regulator.

Alternator was invented long after the direct current generator was first employed as a battery charger for a car. After the introduction of the alternator a new wave of technology helped the alternator industry strengthen and become sturdier. To make older automobiles, those autos built with a generator, compatible with the later made automobiles, utilizing an alternator, older model automobile owners converted the DC generator output of their car, truck and van into the new AC alternator output. This conversion became necessary by auto enthusiasts who wanted their vintage cars to utilize modern devices like today's high power consuming audio systems, driving lights and under car neon light systems.

Alternator from generator conversion is a straight forward operation, provided one can make the alternator stay mounted to the car motor. Another irritating problem, with alternator conversion, was the constant alternator drive belt squeal. This alternator belt squeal was caused by the alternator belt being off center in relation to the alternator pulley. Other alternator problem, after alternator conversion, was alternator belt slippage, alternator belt "jumping" out of the alternator pulley, and alternator belt breakage. Over the years third party aftermarket alternator mounting brackets have been improved to the point of eliminating all the early alternator problems associated with alternator generator conversion.

Alternator directory has been created to assist with alternator replacement, explain alternator problems, alternator testing, whether to replace a defective alternator completely or take on the challenge which alternator rebuild will present to the layperson. Alternator links below, when clicked on , will take the visitor to vehicle specific alternator pages. Alternator pages contain resources to alternator rebuild kit, alternator testing equipment, alternator tips, alternator brackets for alternator conversion, alternator voltage regulator, alternator rectifier diode, chrome alternator, the new one wire alternator package, battery charger, alternator tester, alternator belt, alternator replacement considerations, and other assistance the visitor might find useful when confronted by an unexpected and unpleasant alternator problem.

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Alternator, alternator repair and alternator problem thanks you for visiting. Alternator page has explained that the alternator is the battery charger for an automobile. The visitor has been informed of alternator problem, alternator repair, alternator rebuild, alternator replacement and alternator testing resources.

Alternator page has explained that the alternator is the battery charger for an automobile. The visitor has been informed of alternator problem, alternator repair, alternator rebuild, alternator replacement and alternator testing resources.
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