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Battery in the automobile is basically installed only to provide engine cranking power, electricity, to the auto starter motor. Battery maintains a charge based on the design and operation of the automobile alternator in every car, truck, van, Sport Utility Vehicle and minivan. 

Battery provides electricity to installed automotive items like alarm systems, keyless lock entry systems, keyed lock entry systems, headlights, taillights, emergency flasher, horn, interior lights, engine computer control module, door courtesy lights, remote starter systems, anti-theft devices, and some onboard communication systems and other electrical options which function without a key inserted in the ignition switch.

Battery Enables Electricity Where Needed. Battery history, what is a battery, where is an auto battery installed, how does a battery work, when to replace a battery and why have an auto battery? Answers to these automobile battery questions and other automotive battery information are on this auto battery page.

Battery Invention. Battery, as it is known today, was invented around 1799 by the Italian inventor Alessandro Volta. Volta discovered a way to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

Battery Usage. Dry cell battery is utilized in portable electric devices like flashlights, electronic devices like computers, music players, movie players, handheld games, and wrist watch. Wet cell battery, commonly referred to as a car lead-acid battery, is what is installed in today's car, truck, sport-utility-vehicle, minivan, lawnmower, motorcycle, cargo van and other automotive device which utilizes a starter motor to start the engine. Gel Cell battery is also available however it has been omitted from this batter page.

Battery, second to brakes and before tire replacement, is the most replaced item in today's automobile. The automobile battery is a rechargeable battery, however due to aging the battery it will deteriorate and loose the ability to maintain a sufficient battery charge.

Battery Basics. Battery makeup, the basics of the automobile battery. Inside the automotive battery plastic box are several dozen vertical plates suspended in a solution of water and sulfuric acid. This battery solution is called electrolyte. There are two types of battery plates, negative battery plates that contain pure sponge lead and positive battery plates that contain lead dioxide The battery plates are grouped in sets called cells, which are alternated negative and positive. Each automobile battery cell is an individual battery that produces 2 volts of Direct Current (DC) electricity, six of these individual batteries connected in series produce a total of 12 volts. Battery replacement is required when any one of these 2 volt battery cells either develops a short or the battery cell has deteriorated to the point that it fails to hold a recharge.

Battery Location in an Automobile. Battery powering many of today's automobile is located under the car, truck, cargo van, Sport-Utility-Vehicle or minivan hood. Early model Volkswagen "Beetles" and Super Beetles" placed the auto battery under the rear seat. The battery on a Dodge Intrepid is located under the air filter intake, which makes it not very accessible for servicing. The battery installed in today's automobile is required to do more today than it was originally intended to do. The auto battery was only installed in early cars and trucks to provide electricity to the starter motor thus relieving the automotive owner of the burden to employ the hand crank. TIP: automotive battery is located as close to the starter motor as possible, allowing for the shortest positive battery cable possible.

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Battery provides electricity to installed automotive items like windshield wiper motors, blower motors, electrical heaters, entertainment systems, electrical power windows, communication devices, electric antenna and other devices when the ignition switch is turned to the "accessory" position. Other automotive components, requiring electricity to function, usually receive electricity from the alternator after the car, truck, Sport Utility Vehicle, lawnmower, motorcycle, all-terrain-vehicle, van or minivan engine has been started.

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