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Brakes on an automobile are part of a complex and critical automotive system. Auto brake pads, brake shoes and brake fluid level requires constant attention of the automotive operator. Brakes are designed to convert momentum into heat on a car, truck, van, Sport-Utility Vehicle and minivan.

Brakes History or History of Brakes. What are brakes? When were brakes first installed? How do brakes work? When to replace a brake pad and why have a parking brake. These are the most ask questions ask concerning the brakes on an auto. Answers to these automobile brake questions and other automotive brake information are presented on this auto brakes web page.

Brakes, in the early days of automobiles, were only installed on the rear wheels of cars and trucks. Having only rear wheel brakes often resulted in side skidding, and weight transfer reduced brake effectiveness. Front brakes did not become common on passenger cars and trucks until the early 1920s. Until the 1930s, most of the brakes for stopping cars and trucks were mechanically actuated drum brakes with internally expanding brake shoes. Foot pressure exerted on the brake pedal was carried directly to semicircular brake shoes by a system of flexible brake cables. Mechanical brake system is still employed for car, truck, Sport-Utility-Vehicle, minivan and cargo van emergency brakes, also referred to as the parking brake. The parking brake should always be applied when any vehicle is parked. Don't always trust the vehicle's transmission gear to prevent unintentional vehicle movement. Mechanical brakes were replaced by hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes operated in such a way that the brake pedal is connected to pistons in the brakes master cylinder and further connected by steel brake line with flexible hose sections to individual brakes wheel cylinders or brakes pad calipers at the wheels. Malcolm Loughead invented hydraulic brakes in 1918. Four-wheel hydraulic brakes were introduced on the 1921 Duesenberg and 1924 Chrysler luxury automobiles. Beginning in 1930 hydraulic brakes were common on all cars and light duty trucks.

Brakes - What They Do. Brakes stop the Automobile momentum. Brakes are actually energy conversion devices. Brakes convert the kinetic energy (momentum) of a car, truck, minivan, Sport-Utility vehicle or cargo van into thermal energy (heat). When the brake pedal is applied it commands a stopping force ten times as powerful as the force that put the car, truck, minivan, Sport-Utility Vehicle or cargo van into motion. The braking system can exert thousands of pounds of pressure on each of the four brakes. In modern brakes systems, the master cylinder is power-assisted by the engine. All newer cars, trucks, minivans, Sport-Utility Vehicles and vans have dual brakes systems, with two of the wheels' brakes operated by each brake subsystem utilizing a combination valve. That way, if one brakes subsystem fails, the other can provide reasonably adequate braking power. When a chirping sound, while the vehicle is rolling slowly, is emitted from a wheel on any vehicle, it is the built-in disc brake pad wear indicator announcing that it is time to inspect the brakes and possible replace the brakes. Safety systems and items like brake wear indicators have made modern brakes more complex, but also much safer than earlier brake systems.

Brakes Parts Inventory. Brake parts for brakes replacement and needed to repair automobiles today include Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) relay / sensor, brake adjusting lever (brake star adjuster), brake adjusting screw assembly, brake adjusting screw spring, brake anti-lock control module, brake bleeder screw, brake fluid, emergency brakes / parking brakes cable, disc brake hardware kit, brake drum bar, brake drum self-adjusting kit, brake hold-down cup, brake hold-down spring, brake hold-down pin, steel brake line, brake master cylinder, brake master cylinder cap, brake master cylinder gasket, brake master cylinder rebuild kit, brake master cylinder reservoir, vacuum assist power brake booster, brake release cable, brake return spring kit, front brake caliper, front brake caliper rebuild kit, front brake drum, front brake hose, front brake shoe, front disc brake pad, front disc brake rotor, front brake wheel cylinder part, rear brake caliper part, rear brake caliper rebuild kit, rear brake drum, rear brake hose, rear brake shoes, rear disc brake pad, rear disc brake rotor, brake combination valve, and rear wheel brake cylinder part. By reading this brake parts listing it is evident that brakes have come along way from the hand pull-and-release mechanical brakes lever of the automotive past.

Brake Repair. Brake repair, by automobile manufacturer, specific pages have been published. These brake repair pages are accessible by clicking on their respective auto maker brake repair link.

Jeep Brake Repair Brake Parts. Jeep brake line, Jeep brake master cylinder, Jeep front brake caliper, Jeep front disc brake pad, Jeep front disc brake rotor, Jeep rear brake drum, and Jeep rear brake shoe.

Honda Brake Repair Brake Parts. Honda brake line, Honda brake master cylinder, Honda front brake caliper, Honda front disc brake pad, Honda front disc brake rotor, Honda rear brake drum, and Honda rear brake shoe.

BMW Brake Repair Brake Parts. BMW brake line, BMW brake master cylinder, BMW front brake caliper, BMW front disc brake pad, BMW front disc brake rotor, BMW rear brake drum, and BMW rear brake shoe.

Ford Brake Repair Brake Parts. Ford brake line, Ford brake master cylinder, Ford front brake caliper, Ford front disc brake pad, Ford front disc brake rotor, Ford rear brake drum, and Ford rear brake shoe.

Toyota Brake Repair Brake Parts. Toyota brake line, Toyota brake master cylinder, Toyota front brake caliper, Toyota front disc brake pad, Toyota front disc brake rotor, Toyota rear brake drum, and Toyota rear brake shoe.

Chevy Brake Repair Brake Parts. Chevy brake line, Chevy brake master cylinder, Chevy front brake caliper, Chevy front disc brake pad, Chevy front disc brake rotor, Chevy rear brake drum, and Chevy rear brake shoe.

Nissan Brake Repair Brake Parts. Nissan brake line, Nissan brake master cylinder, Nissan front brake caliper, Nissan front disc brake pad, Nissan front disc brake rotor, Nissan rear brake drum, and Nissan rear brake shoe.

Dodge Brake Repair Brake Parts. Dodge brake line, Dodge brake master cylinder, Dodge front brake caliper, Dodge front disc brake pad, Dodge front disc brake rotor, Dodge rear brake drum, and Dodge rear brake shoe.

Mazda Brake Repair Brake Parts. Mazda brake line, Mazda brake master cylinder, Mazda front brake caliper, Mazda front disc brake pad, Mazda front disc brake rotor, Mazda rear brake drum, and Mazda rear brake shoe.

Volvo Brake Repair Brake Parts. Volvo brake line, Volvo brake master cylinder, Volvo front brake caliper, Volvo front disc brake pad, Volvo front disc brake rotor, Volvo rear brake drum, Volvo rear brake shoe.

Mitsubishi Brake Repair Brake Parts. Mitsubishi brake line, Mitsubishi brake master cylinder, Mitsubishi front brake caliper, Mitsubishi front disc brake pad, Mitsubishi front disc brake rotor, Mitsubishi rear brake drum, and Mitsubishi rear brake shoe.

Pontiac Brake Repair Brake Parts. Pontiac brake line, Pontiac brake master cylinder, Pontiac front brake caliper, Pontiac front disc brake pad, Pontiac front disc brake rotor, Pontiac rear brake drum, and Pontiac rear brake shoe.

Audi Brake Repair Brake Parts. Audi brake line, Audi brake master cylinder, Audi front brake caliper, Audi front disc brake pad, Audi front disc brake rotor, Audi rear brake drum, and Audi rear brake shoe.

Cadillac Brake Repair Brake Parts. Cadillac brake line, Cadillac brake master cylinder, Cadillac front brake caliper, Cadillac front disc brake pad, Cadillac front disc brake rotor, Cadillac rear brake drum, and Cadillac rear brake shoe.

Chevrolet Brake Parts for Chevrolet Brake Repair. Chevrolet brake line, Chevrolet brake master cylinder, Chevrolet front brake caliper, Chevrolet front disc brake pad, Chevrolet front disc brake rotor, Chevrolet rear brake drum, and Chevrolet rear brake shoe.

Acura Brake Parts for Acura Brake Repair. Acura brake drum, Acura brake line, Acura brake master cylinder, Acura front brake caliper, Acura front brake shoe, Acura front disc brake rotor, and Acura rear disc brake pad.

Chrysler Brake Parts for Chrysler Brake Repair. Chrysler brake line auto part, Chrysler brake master cylinder, Chrysler front brake caliper, Chrysler front disc brake pad, Chrysler front disc brake rotor, Chrysler rear brake drum, and Chrysler rear brake shoe.

SAAB Brake Parts for SAAB Brake Repair. SAAB brake line, SAAB brake master cylinder, SAAB front brake caliper, SAAB front disc brake pad, SAAB front disc brake rotor, SAAB rear brake drum, and SAAB rear brake shoe.

Brake parts, including Anti-lock Brake system parts, brake adjusting lever, brake adjusting screw assembly, brake adjusting screw spring, brake anti-lock control module, brake backing plate, brake bleeder screw, brake cable, disc brake hardware kit, brake drum bar, brake drum self-adjusting kit, brake hold-down cup, brake hold-down spring, brake hold-down pin, brake hose and brake rebuild kits, are also available for automobiles not listed above. Click the automotive manufacturer link below to view additional brake repair pages. AMC, Aston, Austin, Bentley, Buick brake repair, Checker, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Eagle, Ferrari, Fiat, GEO, GMC brake repair, Hummer, Infiniti brake repair, International, Isuzu brake repair, Hyundai brake repair, Jaguar, Jensen, KIA brake repair, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus brake repair, Lincoln, Lotus, Mercedes, Mercury, MG, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Porsche, PT Cruiser, Rolls, Saturn brake repair, Subaru, Suzuki brake repair, Triumph and Volkswagen brake repair.

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