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Infiniti automobile line-up includes: Infiniti I35 (near-luxury 4-door sedan by Infiniti with a cost of ownership at $30,600), Infiniti G35 (new sport coupe and sedan by Infiniti at a cost of ownership between $30,600 - $33,150), Infiniti M (new mid-luxury performance sedan by Infiniti at a cost of ownership between $39,900 - $49,550), Infiniti Q45 (flagship sedan by Infiniti with a cost of ownership at $56,200), Infiniti FX (new crossover Sport-Utility Vehicle by Infiniti at a cost of ownership between $34,950 - $45,450), and Infiniti QX56 (full-size luxury SUV by Infiniti at a cost of ownership between $48,000 - $51,000).

Infiniti discontinued models from the past include: G20, I30, J30, M30, M45, and QX4. Infiniti auto parts for Infiniti auto repair, and Infiniti auto accessory are available within this Infiniti directory. Infiniti directory. Start locating auto repair auto parts by visiting Infiniti brakes and traction control auto repair auto parts page.

Infiniti history: Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan. Infiniti was launched in 1989 with a unique advertising campaign and the luxurious Q45. In 2003 Infiniti surpassed the 100,000 annual sales milestone for the first time in its history. The Japan-based automaker currently markets its premium models with a commitment to high levels of craftsmanship and award-winning customer satisfaction.

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