Mazda Starting and Charging System Repair.

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Battery, starting, charging system auto repair and starting, charging system history. Originally the starting motor battery was 6 volts and installed in the auto for the sole purpose of providing starting power to the starter motor. This automobile enhancement eliminated the need of "hand-cranking" the automobile engine to start the auto. Hand-cranking, utilized for starting a motor, is basically the same principal utilized today in starting the home power lawnmower, garden tiller, chain saw etc. The starting motor (or a hand pulling a rope) rotates the engine which in turn generates a spark necessary to ignite the fuel air mixture present in the engine's combustion chamber. In automobiles a 6 volt Direct Current (DC) generator was originally installed for charging the 6 volt starting battery after starting the engine by utilizing the current in the starter battery.

Starting and charging system upgrade. The original 6 volt generator charging system, generating 6 volts of Direct Current (DC) for charging the starting motor battery, was sufficient for the small automobile engines of the time. Larger automobile engines required a larger starting motor, thus a 12 volt generator charging system, generating 12 volts of Direct Current (DC) for charging the starting motor battery was created for these larger automobile engines and 12 volt charging systems soon became the standard for the automobile industry. Currently, due to increased use of computer systems, MP3 players, DVD movie players and electronic equipment in automobiles, a 12 volt alternator, producing Alternating Current (AC) instead of Direct Current (DC), charging system is utilized in consumer autos. Because the auto engine and any added auto accessory still requires Direct Current (DC) diodes (usually incorporated within the charging system alternator itself) convert Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) when the charging system is charging the starting motor battery. The primary unsuspected reason of charging system failure in an auto is the failure of the diodes in the charging system alternator to convert charging system AC to charging system DC which keeps the auto running and charging the starting motor battery.

Starting and charging system utilized by the military. The original military vehicles by AMC, Jeep and military HUMVEE / Hummer utilize a 24 volt starting system / charging system to prevent pilfering of military auto parts for use in civilian auto starting and charging systems. A 24 Volt battery could have been produced, however the military realized the production and warehousing cost  of a 24 volt battery would, over time be cost prohibitive. The military maintains its 24 volt starting / charging system requirement by utilizing a dual 12 battery or quad 6 volt battery configuration connected in series.

Automobile electrical systems have evolved over the years to accommodate the greater electrical demands required by autos today, however the purpose of the charging system has changed very little. The ONLY purpose of the charging system in any auto is to charge the starting motor battery. Battery failure, resulting in the not starting of any automobile (lacking the current necessary to turn the starting motor sufficiently) possibly means (1) the charging system may not be functioning as the charging system was designed to function, (2) the starting motor battery has a bad cell or (3) the starting motor battery cannot hold the charging system electrical charge any longer. Charging system corrective action is (1) check and test the starting motor battery for sufficient starting voltage and starting motor current then have the starter motor charging system checked. Wear old clothing and gloves when handling any auto battery. 

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