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Entertainment directory of music and music entertainment collectables.

Music: The reason an Entertainment Web Resources Directory is needed. Four track audio music tapes, eight track audio music tapes and music on vinyl records. All those music formats are long gone (and almost forgotten) music formats. They were called the music entertainment formats of the future. The future is now and how is entertainment music being recorded and enjoyed today?

Entertainment music is now being recorded on Compact Disks (CD) played on personal CD players, home entertainment systems, automobiles and notebook computers. Music is now being purchased and downloaded from the Internet and stored on a "Hard drive" for future entertainment. Computer downloaded music is then copied onto memory sticks to then be played on MP3 players and palm held devices.

This Entertainment Web Resources Directory has the resources for all your entertainment music needs. Locate music titles, soundtracks, concerts, MP3 players, personal CD music players, home entertainment CD players, CD music players for the office, memory sticks, automobile CD players and more within this entertainment directory.

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 Music Categories

Sony labeled music title. Every entertainment music title which Sony entertainment has produced as their "Sony Entertainment" music can be found by when you visit Sony Music Direct.