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PCV valve on an auto reduces automobile engine crankcase emissions. PCV valve provides Positive Crankcase Ventilation, hence its name, PCV valve. A PCV valve is installed on every gas burning car, truck, van, Sport-Utility Vehicle and minivan automotive engine.

PCV valve is considered an important engine component because it prevents sludge from building up on internal engine components. PCV valve information on this web page is applicable to every car, truck, van, Sport-Utility Vehicle and minivan. Additional PCV valve information can be found by clicking Acura PCV valve, Audi PCV valve, BMW PCV valve, Buick PCV valve, Cadillac PCV valve, Chevrolet PCV valve, Chevy PCV valve, Chrysler PCV valve, Dodge PCV valve, Ford PCV valve, GMC PCV valve, Honda PCV valve, Hyundai PCV valve, Infiniti PCV valve, Isuzu PCV valve, Jeep PCV valve, KIA PCV valve, Lexus PCV valve, Mazda PCV valve, Mitsubishi PCV valve, Nissan PCV valve, Pontiac PCV valve, SAAB PCV valve, Saturn PCV valve, Suzuki PCV valve, Toyota PCV valve, Volkswagen PCV valve and Volvo PCV valve.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve.

PCV valve history, what is a PCV valve, where is the PCV valve, how does a PCV valve work, how to test a PCV valve, when to replace a PCV valve, and why have a PCV valve. These are the most ask questions concerning an auto PCV valve. Answers to these PCV valve questions and other PCV valve information are on this PCV valve web page.

PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. PCV valve first appeared in American automobile engines in the early 1960s. A generic, cheap or incorrect PCV valve installed on any car, cargo van, truck, Sport-Utility-Vehicle or minivan will cause rough idle and result in expensive engine damage in the long run.

PCV Valve Function:

The PCV valve controls auto engine crankcase emissions. The PCV valve removes caustic gasses from the automobile engine crankcase. PCV valve vents gasses, from the auto engine crankcase, into the carburetor. Without a PCV valve auto engine gasses would also mix with the automobile engine oil and create engine oil sludge. Sludge is an acid that can dissolve automobile internal engine parts. Prior to the PCV valve, auto engine crankcase emissions were dumped into the atmosphere utilizing a draft vent tube.

PCV Valve Location:

PCV valve is located on the automobile engine valve cover. PCV valve can usually be located by following the larger vacuum hose from the automobile carburetor base to the PCV valve. PCV valve requires engine vacuum to operate.

PCV Valve Testing:

PCV valve is tested by feeling for STRONG suction from the PCV valve end while the auto engine is idling. PCV valve must be replaced when clogged. PCV valve is calibrated for a specified automobile engine. The wrong replacement will affect the auto engine air-to-fuel-mixture ratio. A generic replacement will decrease engine efficiency. Incorrect replacement part will increase automobile fuel consumption. Defective PCV valve will cause rough engine idle. Installing a replacement, not calibrated for an engine, will cause the automobile to fail emissions inspection. Incorrect replacement will cause sludge to damage internal engine parts.

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