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Starter motor on an automobile has only one function, to start the automotive engine. The automobile starter motor replaced the need to hand crank the auto engine to a specific speed for it to achieve internal combustion. Driving a car, truck, van, Sport-Utility Vehicle and minivan has become more enjoyable since the invention of the starter motor.

Starter information on this web page is applicable to every car, truck, van, Sport-Utility Vehicle and minivan. Additional starter information can be found by clicking Acura starter, Audi starter, BMW starter, Buick starter, Cadillac starter, Chevrolet starter, Chevy starter, Chrysler starter, Dodge starter, Ford starter, GMC starter, Honda starter, Hyundai starter, Infiniti starter, Isuzu starter, Jeep starter, KIA starter, Lexus starter, Mazda starter, Mitsubishi starter, Nissan starter, Pontiac starter, SAAB starter, Saturn starter, Suzuki starter, Toyota starter, Volkswagen starter and Volvo starter.

Starter Motor Prevents Back Ache.

Starter motor history. What is a starter motor. Where is the starter motor usually located. How does a starter motor work. When to replace a starter motor. Why have a starter motor. These are the most ask questions concerning an auto starter. Answers to these starter questions and other starter information are on this starter web page.

Starter Motor, What is it?

Starter motor is a DC (Direct Current) electric motor. Prior to the introduction of a starter motor hand cranking an automobile engine was the only way to start that automobile. Starter in a car, truck, minivan, sport-utility-vehicle, cargo van, scooter and motorcycle gets a real workout every time it's called upon to start an automobile engine.

Starter Location.

Starter motor is usually located toward the rear of an automotive engine where the engine block connects to the transmission or transaxle case. Starter has to be powerful and tough enough to instantly overcome the inertia of the engine crankshaft and pistons and move all this dead mass with enough speed to make the auto engine think it is already running. Otherwise the car, truck, minivan, sport-utility-vehicle, cargo van, scooter or motorcycle will not start. For the starter motor to function the battery supplying electricity must be fully charged. Starter connections must be clean and tight. Starter solenoid must be working perfectly to provide electrical power to the starter motor at the same time it is yanking the starter drive gear into engagement with the engine flywheel.

Starter Failure.

Starter drag, starter motor shorted internal components, faulty ignition switch, faulty starter solenoid, weak starter pinion drive gear spring, sticky starter shift fork, faulty starter ring gear and worn ring gear teeth are all causes of starter motor failing to start an auto engine.

Starter Rebuild Kit of Starter Motor Replacement?

Starter must be replaced or repaired when it is the reason a automotive engine will not start or "crank over". Starter rebuild kits are available for people adventurous enough to rebuild the car, truck, minivan, sport-utility-vehicle, cargo van scooter and motorcycle starter themselves. Starter rebuilt kits are less expensive than starter replacement. Many automobile owners prefer a complete automotive starter replacement as this process can take less than an hour to complete and is less messy.

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